Endoscan Limited

Founded in 1987 and using its skills and resources has concentrated on the niche market for special endoscopes and instrumentation.

A dedication to technical excellence is one of our primary mission objectives and we retain the services of eminent consultants in optical design, nuclear, electronics and electrical engineering.

This policy has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of rigid and flexible endoscopes with the ability to build bespoke instruments to suit customer's specific requirements. These are designed to be reliable and robust whilst containing the leading optical and mechanical technology.

Visual solutions are provided for all inspection, condition monitoring, investigation and security applications.

Within the specialist endoscope market, Endoscan has achieved a worldwide reputation for its high quality products.

Endoscan's customer portfolio includes numerous blue chip companies and organisations, ranging from Aerospace to Nuclear, Industrial, Security and Government organisations, with whom we co-operate on a regular basis.

Why choose Endoscan
All Endoscan endoscopes are manufactured at our UK factory in Burgess Hill West Sussex which also contains a controlled environment clean room, together with precision engineering and assembly facilities. This facility also enables us to provide a fast efficient repair and support service.

We have the capability to work closely with engineers, scientists and technologists, to interpret their needs for remote vision systems and to provide the hardware solutions.

Our expertise is second to none where the need to view remotely is governed by hostile environments such as high radiation, extreme temperature or pressure and inflammable or corrosive liquids.

Quality approvals
Endoscan has been granted quality systems approvals in industrial engineering since 1998 and current conformance is to
ISO 9001:2015

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