Endoscan Limited
Endoscan Limited are a leading UK manufacturer of Endoscopes, Borescopes and Remote Vision Systems for all industrial and security applications.

Our micro flexible range of endoscopes starts in sizes from 0.46mm to 4mm and these are widely used for inspecting items such as turbine blades and nozzles, precision engineered items through to use in the security sector for covert surveillance.

Rigid borescopes are available in our micro rod lens range in sizes from 0.9mm - 4mm or our standard range in sizes from 5 - 12mm.

Over the years we have developed a range of endoscope search kits, which are widely used by government departments in the UK and overseas.

Bespoke instruments, custom design and manufacture for special applications are all available as well the capability to build radiation tolerant endoscopes for use in the nuclear industry.
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